The Only Features You Really Need

moneysmart manages your money for you

Automatic Account Updates

Link all your cheque, savings, credit card accounts into one app with a single view. Get automatic updates when you log in everyday. Always know what you can spend and where you can save.

Monitor your Spending Patterns

Review your spending patterns and identify where you overspent.

Your Money Organised

All your transactions are categorised into spending categories. See the places you’ve spent at, how much and when.

Fixed Income and Expenses

Link your transaction accounts, confirm your fixed income & expenses and we make sure you meet your obligations month after month.

Future Spending Forecast

Plan your cash flow forecast, adjust your spending ahead of time to make it through the month. Plan how much you need today, tomorrow, this weekend.

Intelligent Available Cash

Even when you spend more than planned, moneysmart picks that up automatically and intelligently updates your Daily Available Cash

The Problem We Are Solving

Most of us get paid on the first of the month and are broke by the 15th. Then we rely on our mental accounting skills to count the days down until our next pay cheque arrives. With moneysmart you don't have to worry about that any more. The app will show you how much you can spend on a daily basis after your fixed expenses have been taken into account. Even if you overspent, the app will recalculate to make sure you reach the end of the month.

  • Know What You Can spend
  • Adjust For Future Spending
  • Make Better Financial Decisions

The Shift_Ctrl Vision

We live in the age of social networks, Google Now, and artificial intelligence, all of which have started to shift the paradigm in how we connect, communicate and already transact in the information age.

Tomorrow is now and you’d need the right information delivered ahead of time to empower your living experience in an optimal way, like knowing what you have to spend and where you can save money. is a product of Limitless Technology Group. Founded in 2010, Limitless Technology Group (or Limitless) is a financial tech company that holds the vision of disrupting and reinventing the traditional global financial services landscape.

This vision originated from the team’s ambition to open up rich financial data sources to the technology ecosystem for improved application and services development.